Reporter Eamon Lynch of Golf Channel and critic for LIV Golf told Jon Rahm that it’s obvious he is regretting his decision to join the rival league.

Jon Rahm “sounds surprised” that he won’t be able to attend events on the PGA Tour that are important to him.

Longtime LIV Golf critic, Golfweek columnist, and Golf Channel contributor Eamon Lynch seems to think as much.

Lynch was talking about Rahm’s recent remarks about wanting to see the men’s game, which has been shattered, come back together.

Important representatives from the Saudi Arabian PIF and the PGA Tour met in the Bahamas this week to continue their talks.

According to reports, Tiger Woods played golf with PIF governor Yasir Al-Rumayyan and was “an engaged figure” during their discussions.

It seems that even though the parties are at last having a conversation, white smoke from Ponte Vedra Beach won’t be visible for some time.

Regarding Lynch, Rahm thought he would serve as a spark to quicken the peace negotiations.

Put another way, he thinks the Spaniard might receive his LIV salary and return to the PGA Tour brimming with cash.

Rahm admitted to reporters earlier in the week that he finds it challenging to watch certain PGA Tour events. particularly in locations where he has won.

“There’s a little bit of FOMO there, isn’t there?” Lynch asked the broadcast. A slight fear of being left out.

“I find it intriguing, and he seems to agree with the point that play-by-play analyst Taylor Zarzour made during our round table discussion.

“I do believe Jon Rahm thought his departure would act as a catalyst, pushing things further and quicker in the future.

“Jon Rahm is now realizing that won’t actually occur anytime soon.

“It seems like this meeting will result in progress, but it won’t happen quickly.

“Jon Rahm is not returning to the PGA Tour with a lot of money anytime soon, despite what someone who was pushing him to visit that tour may have told him.”

“Some of the comments [he made] seem a little poignant,” he continued. He becomes aware that he is losing out on experiences that are significant to both his family and himself.

But in the end, the LIV guys need to understand that actions have repercussions.

“You hear them talk as though they should be shielded from the decisions they made and the consequences of those decisions, especially around the world ranking [issue].”

“Jon Rahm’s case could not have been more compelling. He was aware of what happens to PGA Tour players who attend LIV a year and a half in advance.

“He seems surprised by a decision that he made and the consequences of the decision that he shouldn’t be,” the person said. “You don’t play regular PGA Tour events anymore, but that may change at some point.”

Rahm will return to Augusta National next month to play alongside his former PGA Tour teammates.

The 29-year-old is aiming to become the fourth player in history to hold the title when the Masters begins on April 11.

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