Surprise at Wolff’s statements: ‘Was he watching another Grand Prix?’

Mercedes’ season is off to a bad start. With the W15, the German team tried a different strategy after the W13 and W14 failed the previous two seasons. unsuccessfully, as just 34 points were accumulated across four races. It saddens Christian Danner to see it.

In an interview with Sport und Talk aus dem Hangar-7, the former Formula 1 driver claims that it is obvious that things are not going as they should at the German formation.

“Obviously, what we are seeing is a complete and utter catastrophe,” Danner says. “The team is more important than just Hamilton’s strategy of driving everywhere and taking every opportunity to advance while failing to gain any ground. Additionally, there is a team leader who is at a loss for words. Although he is annoyed, he also remarks, “We were pretty good at Suzuka.”

Roles reversed for Mercedes and Ferrari

Although Wolff is not giving up, Danner finds it hard to accept the Austrian team manager’s comments. “I was wondering if maybe Toto was watching another Grand Prix when I heard him after the race. All you have to do is face the facts. Mercedes is the Ferrari of the 2024 season because Ferrari has advanced.”

The 66-year-old German is implying that Mercedes is relying heavily on luck when he says the latter, as there is little to no other strategy involved. For example, speculating on a safety car that arrives early or just in time. The former driver claimed that Ferrari frequently acted in this manner the previous season.

Danner is baffled as to Mercedes’ decision to go with a one-stop and switch from soft to hard tires following the red flag in Japan. “It was a desperate action, and this demonstrates how dire things are.”

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