Herbert calls out Horner AND will be a steward at the Australian GP

This weekend in Melbourne, race steward Johnny Herbert will be deciding whether and when drivers and/or teams will be penalized for an offense at the Australian Grand Prix, as well as which penalty. The Briton’s appointment is noteworthy because it was made the same day Herbert signed Christian Horner of Red Bull Racing.

Herbert criticized Horner on Wednesday in an interview with the British tabloid The Sun. For example, the former Formula One driver said he could not figure out why the head of Red Bull Racing would not step down despite ongoing accusations of inappropriate behavior. The former driver stated, “This is not good for F1 as it simmers on and there is constant attention on it.”

It doesn’t help Red Bull, who currently has the best driver in the world, either. They’re also very close to removing [Max Verstappen] from the team; rumors have it that they’re closing in on a Mercedes deal. Their greatest asset isn’t the Christian Horner show, so it seems like a dumb thing to do,” remarks Herbert, who considers Horner’s present behavior to be “arrogant.”

Horner and Red Bull’s future may be determined by Critical Herbert.

It seems that Herbert will serve as one of the four race stewards for the Australian Grand Prix, which takes place this coming weekend. This means that he will be responsible for judging Horner’s Red Bull, among other things.

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