Did Marko speak to Verstappen about Mercedes switch? This is his answer!

From his end, Helmut Marko maintained a relatively low profile. OE24 inquired of the advisor if Max Verstappen had discussed a move to Mercedes with him. “We don’t discuss that outside. “You shouldn’t anticipate a substantive response from me regarding that,” the external advisor for Red Bull Racing abruptly ended the conversation.

It was inevitable that the obligatory (sensational) rumors about Christian Horner, Max Verstappen, Helmut Marko, and the entire Red Bull Racing team would surface as soon as Formula 1 arrived in Melbourne. It appears, though, that it was also decided that all parties concerned would make every effort to avoid discussing the internal issues as much as possible, at least publicly.

Marko continues to be unsure

This isn’t always successful. In fact, Marko was also questioned about whether he intended to attend all 24 Grands Prix this year. His response did not imply that everything had returned to normal at Red Bull Racing. In fact, Marko had previously responded to a question that might spark rumors when he said, “I have it booked, but that doesn’t mean much yet.”

Regardless, the Austrian driver is in Australia for the conclusion of the season’s third Grand Prix. For a brief moment, Marko’s plans to visit Australia during the weekend of the Saudi Grand Prix appeared uncertain. It’s true that the ex-driver had mentioned that Red Bull GmbH may suspend him. On the Saturday of the race, Marko announced that he would ‘just’ be in Melbourne, partially due to interference from Max Verstappen (‘If Helmut’s gone, I’m gone’).

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