Verstappen to Mercedes? This is what Max himself has to say about it

During one of his streams, Max Verstappen was questioned about his future in Formula 1. How about a potential Mercedes switch? The Dutchman responded, but one of his competitors called him out for lacking conviction.

Verstappen and Team Redline have a regular Twitch streaming schedule. The Dutchman is frequently involved in races on this streaming platform, but he also frequently plays the football game EA FC 24. This time, the commentator asks Verstappen a series of questions or relays questions to Verstappen.

Will Verstappen go to Mercedes?

The latter queries Verstappen about any updates regarding his potential transfer to Mercedes. “No news has been released. Dedicated to Red Bull Racing,” Verstappen concludes with a grin. Another streamer notices that laugh as well and remarks, “That didn’t sound convincing?” In response, Verstappen asks what he means, but the ensuing grin and silence reveal a lot.

Verstappen provides more information after this query. For instance, he shares a story about needing to use the restroom during a Formula 3 race and recommends the greatest hotel close to the Red Bull Racing facility.

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