FIA release statement after accusations against Horner

According to the BBC, the Red Bull Racing employee who accused Christian Horner of acting inappropriately has lodged a complaint with the FIA’s ethics committee. In response to that news, the global motorsport federation is acting right now.

This year, there have reportedly been two complaints against the team boss from a whistleblower, but nothing has been done about them. The information that the woman in question had also complained about Horner to the ethics committee surfaced on Saturday. But according to a statement from the FIA, it is unable to confirm whether an investigation has been opened and will not do so.

FIA’s statement

“At the FIA, the Compliance Officer and, when necessary, the Ethics Committee handle inquiries and complaints. Both organizations function independently and maintain strict confidentiality all along the way. Because of this, generally speaking, we are unable to verify that we have received any particular complaint, and it is unlikely that we will be able to offer more commentary on any complaints we may receive from parties.”

Either way, Horner’s situation is still unresolved ahead of the Australian Grand Prix. In addition to the complaint—or lack thereof—with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, word has now leaked out that the woman working at Red Bull GmbH is contesting the findings of a previous internal probe. Horner was exonerated of inappropriate behavior in it. Red Bull Racing, the woman’s employer, has suspended her.

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