Schumacher doubts Hamilton’s transfer: ‘He’s no Max’

Lewis Hamilton is not, in Ralf Schumacher’s opinion, a true asset for Ferrari. The Italian racing stable recently hired the Mercedes driver, but Michael Schumacher’s brother believes team owner Frederic Vasseur did not make the best decision. After all, the former Formula One driver claims that Hamilton is not Max Verstappen.

He will undoubtedly contribute his knowledge and wisdom, but I believe Ferrari is already far along. Hamilton won’t be able to make much of an impact, Schumacher said in a interview.

It has cost a pretty penny to bring in Hamilton, but if he can win another world championship for Ferrari—or for himself—after years of drought in Maranello, then his arrival is actually justified. Vasseur would not have spent so much money on nothing, I’m sure. To ensure that Hamilton can perform, he will offer and provide Hamilton with everything,” Schumacher remarked. To finally finish on the top step at the race, Ferrari is not cutting any corners, which should benefit Hamilton in 2025.

Leclerc and Hamilton

But the German pundit is interested to see how Charles Leclerc and rookie Hamilton’s mutual feud plays out. Since 2019, the former has been defending the Ferrari colors, and he won’t accept a second-place result. Hamilton, on the other hand, is in Italy solely to secure his unprecedented eighth world championship.

What will happen when there are two captains on the same ship? Schumacher is interested to know which of the two drivers will take the lead within the team, but he does not directly address the question. “Hamilton is an exceptional driver and a seven-time world champion. However, I don’t believe he possesses Verstappen’s traits. He is not, in my opinion, as reliable as Verstappen. Furthermore, he is unable to remove that final tenth at all.”

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